SocialSecurity.Gov – Tips for Completing Your Social Security Application Online

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One of the more important benefits of online social security number searches is the capacity to look into a person’s criminal background. This allows a person to look into previous legal tussles that another [...]

knowing the New Social Security Gov Rules Concerning Trusts

SocialSecurity.Gov – You need to know that not all trusts are governed or view  in the same manner. Trusts are divided into two separate groupings. All trusts that were in effect before Jan. 2000 and the second group is all trusts that were established after that date. This is because the Foster Care Independence [...]

Information Regarding Social Security Disability Attorneys

SocialSecurity.Gov – If you are disabled, and unable to work, you may qualify for Social Security Disability, or SSD. Applying for SSD is a long and complicated process; however, if you are ultimately approved it will provide monthly income, as well as qualify you for other benefits, for as long as your disability persists. [...]